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Charity Program in Nepal

Nepal is the poorest (Economically) Country in Asia and has the highest rate of infant malnutrition in the world. The country also still suffers from caste and gender discrimination as well as child labor and exploitation, 29% of Nepalese children having no access to primary education…By these facts Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub is actively involving in Charity Program. Green Valley has announced to donate A fixed amount from every trip ( Trek, Expedition, Tours) to  Charitable Fund through “X-FEED” (Xabbel for Education & Environment Development) has registered in Nepal as Charity organization (Gov. Reg no 755/064/65, SWC, Reg.No. 24872) .  X-FEED- is supported by Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub and Ecosia Green Search Engine.  It is a non-governmental and extremely non-profitable organization established with the objective of changing and promoting the status of the country. All the members of this group are from different parts and have traveled many sites of the country. The members of this group have collected enough experiences in social works and are familiar with every problems of the community. Being known of this, we together try to organize and finally establish the “X-FEED”.  By which we can donate in the field of Education, Health & Environment. So far we have been providing one Scholarship & one medication finance for A man who is suffering from hurt problem. When we raise more funds then we can do more in this Social Sector. All your contribution will go directly to the Green Valley fund and achieve the demands of these needy children of poor villages. We heartily invite you all; come join with us and make some contribution in our project and be a part of our society. Your small contribution is invaluable for us. Little things that we do can changes a lot!!!!



Since inauguration of Green Valley, we managed to Donated eight Computers to One School in Gorkha , pouwa With the Help of  Mr. Ed de Nieuwe, Tineke De wit ( Form The Netherlands) and Lions club of Uithoorn. Still this computer project is going on. We are planning to donate more computers in rural Schools.


How can you Help US and get involved?


Use responsible Travel companies during your visit in Nepal:

Tourism can help to develop the economy of Nepal. But if not carefully managed, tourism can also have a damaging impact on the country’s natural and cultural heritage.
Responsible tourism businesses try to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment and maximize employment and income-generating opportunities for local communities.


Charity Trekking/Tour program:

Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub. has come forward with some special programs. We are lunching some Charity Trekking/Tour Program in association with X-FEED from this year. Objective of this tour is, introducing our project to the visitor, generating some revenue and utilize in our various projects. All your contribution will go directly to the X-FEED fund and accomplish the demands of these needy children of poor villages. We heartily invite you all; come join with us and make some contribution in our project and be a part of our society. Your small contribution is invaluable for us.

Please select from our popular Charity trip and be a part of our mission to educate underprivileged Children. Your valuable contribution means a lot in our campaign.



X-FEED is committed to provide Education and basic health care to the children of poor family. If you wish to get involved in our champion to build better society, Sponsor some children who is currently studying with the help of X-FEED. It is not difficult to sponsor a child if you are interested to help these poor children and family. It is does not need to be a large sum of money, even a regular contribution of some amount a month is very much appreciated. Just write us an email to be a sponsor, we will be glad to help to find the right child(s). You can also sponsor particular projects that we are pursuing. Individual or organizations are welcome to join us as sponsor.

How much it would cost for Sponsorship?

  • EURO 10 sponsor a primary student for a month (includes pen, papers, uniform and fees)
  • EURO 15 sponsor a secondary student for a month (includes pen, papers, uniform and fees)
  • EURO 100 builds a common tap to ensure the students stay clean and rubbish free.
  • EURO 120 will buy a sewing machine which guarantee self-employment for a villager
  • EURO 70 will employ a teacher to run the Adult education program in the villager for a month
  • EURO 100 employs a qualified teacher in school for a month ( Mostly the teacher who has computer knowledge)
  • EURO 400 good quality computer for a school
  • EURO 5000 is enough to build a primary school Building / Health post



Fundraising Events:

Every interested contributor is invited to organize some fundraising events in support of X-FEED activities. The event could be a single activities or in a group program. We can support your efforts by providing you with relevant material such as related information, pictures and videos.

Please discuss your plans with us, we will sure to provide some useful idea on how to organizing an event.


Volunteer Programs:

Volunteering contribution to X-FEED could be a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. We are dedicated to arranging for volunteers come to Nepal and be completely immersed in the culture and society. There are many ways to be involved as volunteer with X-FEED. It could be teaching, campaigning for school admission, construction of school and community building, building the walking trail, serving in the health post etc. You can utilize your talent, skill and personal experience in a different way and condition. Your direct involvement as a volunteer meant a lot for better future to the children. And it is equally useful for you as well in your further career.

In return for your positive experience as well as to cover your living expenses whilst in Nepal, we are asking a nominal financial contribution. Your financial contribution goes directly in the Education and health care of children. Please just contact us we will find a best position as per your interest.


Support the X-FEED Trust when you Search the Web!

Ecosia is an eco-friendly web search Engine founded in Wittenberg Germany. Ecosia is powered by Bing and Yahoo! Which donate at least 80% of their revenues to a rainforest protection program run by the WWF. In 2007 The Founder of Ecosia Search engine Christian Kroll was here in Nepal and he played important role to Open X-FEED. Since 2007 He is supporting for two Projects ( Financing for A child Scholarship & Providing Medication fund for one Man who is suffering from hurt Problem). So you can help us by using this Green Search engine http://www.ecosia.org/


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